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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming HD now on YouTube

Originally Posted by Jayworld View Post
It is interesting that after GINO started that he (Richard) seemed to kind of lose interest or at least some of his passion for his trailer.
He basically didn't need it any longer. He got the plum acting job he wanted all along and consequently he didn't need to use his trailer, or the original series for that matter, as a vehicle to try and make it big once again.

That may be a cynical and harsh assessment on my part, but after I reintroduced myself to what Richard wrote in 2001 to knock the DeSanto project that never was, it was all too clear to me that his passion for the series began and ended with what was in it for himself. Which is perfectly well and good for someone who has to look out for his own interests, but in his case that also meant stringing along a lot of Galactica fans along.
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