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The man IS an inspiration, and no doubt uses his determination and high spirits to overcome these challenges in his life now. Whether or not celebrity or his celebrity! was used is a speculative debate. People should stop questioning celebs just because of who they are or might be?

I hardly think in Christopher Reeve's position fame? is on his mind considering his current condition. Whatever he has got, he is using it, to bring to attention the breakthrough's of science and medical achievements made to help others in need and those less fortunate or even raise money for special causes like this to ease suffering!

He is hardly in a position to fight for causes by playing it Safe! If he is using celebrity I'm sure he knows it, before you even thought of thinking it. So good on him USE whatever you have got and use it to help others, who don't or do not have the same recognition or voice to pled the same case and fight for them cos their are No rules that say you have to fight FAIR in your position!

Yes it good to hear the man is making waves, and is still got alot of spirit and fight where others would have given up hope. Inspiration is all he has and look what he does with it!

What more can be said.

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