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I'm afraid I don't have good news.

After going frame by frame through the Pyramid Game scene many times I did not see the patch you mentioned. The cut was too quick and did not show the upper portion of the gentleman's I'm afraid I can't confirm your observation. I can tell you that he did have one star on his uniform though, which would make him, I believe, a cadet.

I also can't confirm the use of the multi-color or Atlantia patches. After reviewing the DVD I could not find anywhere where the Atlantia patch you are showing was used. The cuts are so quick and even after going frame by frame I can tell you, that yes, they do have a different patch on their right shoulders, BUT it doesn't look like the one you pictured. Actually, it looks more like the Pegasus one.

As far as the multi-colored patches, I saw no use of them anywhere at all. I have done stage lighting in the past, and I can tell you even under red lighting, the patches still would've appeared slightly different than the gold ones.

If you can site a scene or a time on the DVD, let me know. I would LOVE to review it.
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