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Default Re: Yet Another TOS Battlestar WIP

Agreed, I never made the CG model, myself, but I'm as intimately familiar with the design in 2 dimensions as any who has made the attempt in 3 dimensions and I can safely say, with all the greebles and super-detailing they put on the thing, "simple" is never a word that should be ascribed to any Galactica model, in CG or reality. And judging by the miniscule amount of meshes that I would consider being even close to accurate and true to the original, the base geometry of the ship, sans detailing, also seems less-than-simple.

Based on what I've seen, Titon and maudib are the only ones who have gotten it right, straight up. There is another one, by someone named folkrm on another site which comes close, but is still a bit off in several respects. Other than that...nadda...all due respect to the efforts of those other folks.

Which quite honestly astonishes me, considering how many super-accurate studio-scale models there are out there which are true to the original. One would think that, in CG, it would be easier to flex and adjust something on the fly, rather than the static nature of resin, styrene and glue. And yet...

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