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Default Re: Happy Nova Yahren CBSG4ever!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and wishes. Very much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Kronus
Happy b-day Steve! Now when are we going to Disneyland again? This time we will need to car pool so we can guarantee that we actually see each other...LOL!
Yeah Kronus, We'll have to hit D-land again but not for another month or two. I need to save up on my work vacation hours. I'll keep you posted.

Originally Posted by Taranis
No at the moment I am working on some star trek models .. sets and bridges ..

the last on is on my old dead PC ..
Sorry about the hard drive failure. I think I remember that now. (Damn my memory is starting to go... ) I really enjoyed what you had accomplished at the time. I, for one, would love to see you give the RMQ Battlestar model another go again sometime.
Also, I'd be interested to see your Star Trek models eventually too. Keep up the great work T.
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