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Default A thought on what I miss

I posted this on Skiffy a few moments ago. I hope it makes it through. I hope my friends here and our newcomers enjoy it as well.

I do not want to write another reveiw on the mini. There have been so many written already that I do not think I can add to what has already been said. Though there were aspects of it I liked, I was not caught with a sense of awe and wonderment that made me beg for more. Perhaps my memories of the original series are too fond. Perhaps that reminder was given to me recently by the miracle that is DVD.

Battlestar Galactica had many things going for it. There was no moral relativism. Right was right and wrong was wrong. There was a storng sense of family with the palpatable love felt between Adama, Apollo, and Athena. The friendship that bonded Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer showed you that friendship and brotherhood are sometimes really close cousins. Second chances were great, Cassie went form a no good socialator to a nurse and an accepted and welcome member of Adama's inner circle of family and friends. No one is bound by their past and there will always be people that look beyond what you do and see who you are.

There are many other things right with TOS. but there is one thing that stands out for me. It was a show you could watch with your entire family. Science fiction, better than any other genre, has a history of exciting the imagination and helping us dream of a better world and striving for ideas and ideals that are higher than what we currently live in. Children are naturally imaginative and we have lost some of that. Our love of science fiction proves our imagination is still there, but when viewed with a generation younger than us, it only enhances the experience. We can and should encourage our children to be imaginative and reach for higher social ideas like racial harmony, peace, and a strong snese of duty and right and wrong. Every time we produce a science fiction show that does not have a family element to it, we lose opportunity to share with our kids. There should not be a line of programming and Disney Channel and PBS for the kiddies and all the other networks (cable and otherwise) be for the grown ups only. There has to come a point where we converge as a family as we did around the radio in decades past and enjoy a quality show that everyone can enjoy.

I once asked people on the following link what they thought was right about TOS, I ask the question again and look forward to your replies.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.


Captain Tux

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