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Since I enjoy just about all sci-fi, I really don't have any favorites. If you include cartoons and animation, I would strongly suggest picking up the dvd's for Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. The story arcs and characters are very strong and interesting. The fan following and support for a continuation is as or more rabid as some of the other more well known/publicized programs.

Each of the programs listed in the poll has it's strengths and weaknesses and a different way of story telling. Just about every show, sci-fi or not, has a "filler" or "clip" episode as well as memorable ones. It all depends on whether the viewer is drawn in by the vision of the writers, depth of the characters, and the overall and minor story arcs. Of course there are programs that are so bad, they become hilarious or even achieve cult status. How many people remember "Space Mutiny"? Just about all the BSG special effects and even the ships were
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