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Default Re: 08: Living Legend

I can agree there. The audience of such epics would likely scream bloody murder if their hero didn't meet some incredible fate that roused them splendiferously.

And I can certainly understand that such folk saw the stories as an escape from their own humdrum lives, living vicariously through fictional epic heroes. Hence the term "escapism".

But then again, escapism in modern days has taken to a new low.... trailer trash who live vicariously through so-called "reality tv shows" and "Oprah".

I have no problem with the way a lot of shows are written today. Where the heroes are heroes only when the situation warrants...and then in the rest of their lives, they are just ordinary people...vulnerable, flawed, not always the white-hat....sometimes becoming the anti-hero....and perhaps even sometimes becoming the bad guy. As humans being, folk are not always solidly white-hat or black-hat. I find the "shades of grey" stories far more interesting. And I find it ballsy when the show's perceived hero meets an untimely, and less than noteworthy death. One of the reasons I liked how Wash died in Serenity.
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