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Default Re: Battlestarīs Landing Bays

I have been working on-and-off for quite some time on the overall landing bay design and have some ideas I will present very soon. I have not been doing any sort of detailing at all in most of the compartments, just low-poly with the doorways in the appropriate positions.
I started with the launching bays because we have so much good reference material to work with, and that is the only area I have done that has any detailing in it.
What I'd like to do is submit a low-poly landing bay configuration and see what you guys think. If we work on getting the landing bay, launching bays, hangers, elevators and such positioned, then it will be a simple matter for people to work on the chambers without any compatibility issues.

I've had a lot on my plate the last couple of days and am a bit behind where I wanted to be, but I should get some modeling time tonight and tomorrow.

If we all start off with the same base model to work on then it should all fit back together seamlessly when its re-integrated back to one master model. Different versions of rooms like the landing bay or a hanger could then just be swapped out without any impact on the rest of the project.

As for the control room, I really liked it. It did need to be adjusted for scale of course, but the concept was great. The ceiling was great as well as the crane. I also think the main hanger in the forward part of the landing bay pod could start with the same basic model as the landing bay. thats how my current configuration is, but with a large elevator room in between right where the central corridor connects the alpha and beta landing bays.

The other thing is terminology. We know what a landing bay is, and what a hanger is, as well as launch bays, but what do we call the whole structure as a whole? GINO called them "Flight Pods" , while TOS just called them "Landing Bays" which can cause some confusion.
So in TOS speak "the landing bay is located in the rear of the landing bay, and the launch bays are in the landing bay, but not in the landing bay. The hangers are also in the landing bay,and they are connected by elevators and doors to the landing bay "
See the problem?

I generally cringe at adopting any GINO terminology, They had so many bad ideas, and so few good ones. But in this case the term "Flight Pod" wouldnt bother me too much, unless some body can come up with something better.
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