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Wow, I've got a lot to respond to.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back, but classes have been killer.

Welcome to Colonial Fleets, Tigerclaw.
Thanks. Good to be aboard.

Did you run the old News Flash Galactica site?
Yes Sept17th, yes I did. Nice to know people sill remember the ol' NFG. A friend and I ran the site together, he ran it for a while by himself and then I got the site back. Spam pretty much killed that b.board and I moved the site when I changed it into a pure technology page.

Tigerclaw .. I have always enjoyed your Technology page .. great to have you here..
Thank-you Taranis. I am glad.

Thanks for the support Tigerclaw, it's nice to know that were not alone in our fight.
Jon, if i remember right yes he did run the News FLash Galactica site. If i recall he also was an avid modelor back then.
In truth, I haven't really modeled since my last B5 model of the Asimov Luxury Liner. Someplace I had a version of Galactica I had been working on but ... some far superior modeler beat me to it.

Because the B5Tech constitution gives normal users a LOT of control over those forums, so as to prevent Mods, Admins, and the forum owner from abusing their power over the average user, it does not look like GINO will be leaving that area any time soon.

So, what I am going to do is simply move the Galactica Tech-Manual debates for TOS over to the Tigerclaw b.board where I have complete control.