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Originally Posted by Mustex
Six or Cassie? You cannot base Cassie's appearance on how her actress looks in 2004.
Mustex -

I think that it would depend on your definition of what is "hot" - If we stuck to the on-screen presentation of the two women in question, I would have to go with Cassiopea. She was such an intelligent as well as a beautiful woman - you could also sense that she was a strong woman, but still had that air of vulnerability about her at times.

When it comes to Tricia Helfer as Six - I saw footage of her at the ComiCon in San Diego right before the mini premiered. She had light brown hair and looked very sexy despite her casual appearance. I've never felt the "bleached blonde" look was flattering on her and the "spray on" wardrobe that she usually sports in TNS makes you pay more attention to her body than the character she plays. I wouldn't be surprised if when asked, that the guys watching TNS would remember more about what she wore and what she looked like as opposed to any dialogue she had in a scene....

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