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Originally Posted by Sci-Fi
Neither, both are too thin and have that typical model look.

How about:

Dixie Cousins, aka Kelly Rutherford, from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Shane Vansen, aka Kristen Cloke, from Space: Above and Beyond.
How about any of the Charlies Angels?
Devon Adair, aka Debrah Farentino, from Earth 2.
April Dancer, Jennifer Hart , aka Stefanie Powers, The Girl from UNCLE and Hart to Hart.
Wilma Deering, aka Erin Gray, Buck Rogers.
Grace Kelly
Jane Seymour
Liv Tyler
etc etc list goes on and on.

Well if any woman on Earth is acceptable, then Gretchen Wilson, with Natalie Portman a close second. But I was going with BSG girls who are there to attract young males.
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