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Originally Posted by Muffit
Yes, I do! No, I'm not kidding! I've been doing my own taxes ever since I first started working, with only 2 exceptions. Once, the first year I was married, we went to a friend accountant and watched him do it, taking notes all the way. After that I always did my own. Then once about 5 years later, my spouse made me promise to go to a regular tax place to do our joint taxes, cuz no one believed I could do them just as good. We paid $240 and I did them myself before we went so we could compare. The results? Identical! After that, I have been doing them undisputed.

But I kid you not, some years have been a nightmare, trying to handle difficult and complicated forms and cases, researching info, and so forth. Some years have taken me as much as 15 hours to do manually (home/business/etc). But thank the Lords of Kobol for TaxCut! I just love it to death! Our taxes were a bit more complicated this year, and I was expecting it to be hard and time consuming. How long did it take? One hour! Incredible! It takes me longer to make dinner!

So to all the folks who go thru so much work to create and update these super programs, THANK YOU!

Oh, and I ALSO appreciate those REBATES! This year and last, they gave me THREE rebates - $5 off the Federal, complete price rebate for State (free!), and complete price rebate for Federal E-File. Sooooo cool!
I know what you mean Muffit. Hubby does the taxes using the computer
tax program. He does a pretty good job.
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