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Default Re: BG-05: Gun On Ice Planet Zero

There is a line uttered by Lucifer at the end of Pt. 2 that has amusingly caused a lot of confusion over its actual meaning. As he reports the failure of the plan to Baltar, Lucifer mentions that they will have to come up with an explanation for the Imperious Leader.

Some people have come away with the impression that Lucifer is giving a name to the Imperious Leader in the line which they think he says they must explain this "to Barkol to the Imperious Leader." The writer of Dynamite's "Cylon Apocalypse" comics series thought so and has Imperious Leader addressed as "Lord Barkol."

But in fact, Lucifer's line is they must find a way to explain "this DEBACLE to the Imperious Leader."

Jonathan Harris was not enunciating clearly enough it seems!
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