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Originally Posted by thomas7g
Its obvious Skiffy DESPERATELY wants Stargate. If they don't have stargate, what else do they have? But a NINTH season?!?!? whoa....
Tom -

The audience was ecstatic when Michael told everyone! Like he said, the groudwork is all there and Skiffy wants it to happen, all they have to do is pony up the money.

I totally agree with you - they have 2 hot performing shows - as long as MGM and the cast and crew are willing, there's nothing to keep it from going forward.

It was interesting to hear Don Davis talk about why he opted out of SG-1. He told everyone that it was partially due to health problems over the last 2 years. He had to have an operation due to an anurysm on his heart - he said how lucky he was to have the crew work around the surgery for an entire season so Don never missed filming a single episode. He has lost a lot of weight due to doctor's orders - he looked very good, a bit thinner and fitter.

The other factor was that Don has always been somewhat of an artist, with painting and carving. He said that his work got noticed and is going to be able to participate in a major art show during the next year. His ultimate goal is to live a life long dream of being a successful artist. At the age of 62 and having some minor health problems, he doesn't want to pass that goal up. Don will be involved in SG-1 in some fashion as long as it is around, but not on a weekly basis.

Oh, there was one other goodie that Michael told us about - He said that there was a "secret" 2 hour SG-1 episode that was going to be in production soon. The most interesting thing that makes it "secret" is that it is supposed to have taken place during the 2nd season of SG-1 but never seen before. That means that the characters all have to replicate the way they looked back then - hair, etc... Michael's hair was under a ball cap, but definitely longer than we've seen it in some time.

If I think of anything else I missed, I'll post it later...

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