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Stargate Don Davis & Michael Shanks in Sacramento!

Hi everyone -

I just got back from a wonderful afternoon at Creation Entertainment's Trek/Stargate SG-1 convention - it was right here in Sacramento! I didn't know about it until this morning when a friend asked me if I was going....

It was great! I got to see, hear and meet 2 stars from SG-1 - I never thought that would happen...

Don Davis (Gen. Hammond) is such a wonderful person to have up in front of you - I never knew that his background was so colorful and interesting. He talked about his career, his life, his ambitions and was very candid with the answers to questions put to him by members of the audience. He's kind of a low-key guy, but still very interesting to listen to. When it was my turn to get his autograph, I didn't get the chance to talk to him as someone had him engaged in conversation, but he was very pleasant and thanked me for coming.

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) was a complete surprise! He is so different from the character he plays on SG-1. I forget that the man is an actor and that it is entirely possible that the 2 people are nothing alike. Michael owned the stage when he was on it! He was very upbeat, funny and very attentive to everyone in his presence - It was one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had seeing someone on stage at a convention. When I went to get his autograph later - he took the time to ask for names and give them a minute with him. I was very impressed as this was my first time meeting anyone from the cast of SG-1.

There were a lot of questions put to Michael about the future of SG-1 - some of which he could talk about and some that he couldn't. He did tell everyone that there was an "addendum" placed on the last 5 episodes of season 8 for SG-1. He didn't say much about what that meant specifically, but then he went on to say that Skiffy wants a second season of Stargate:Atlantis and a ninth season of SG-1! When more questions were asked about a ninth season of SG-1, Michael said not to rule it out - but it was all about money at this point... At the very least, Michael said that SG-1 would not go away entirely after season 8, if not as a weekly series, then as a series of 2-hour TV movies.

An interesting afternoon to say the least....

Best to all,
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