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Originally Posted by zankoku
Sort of shows how depressed some people get during the season. I hope everyone stays upbeat this year.
I'm glad your family group got out of this situation OK.

My sister in law is an Nurse manager at our city's biggest hospital. They always have to roster on extra for holidays because it always causes an upswing in emergency cases, from suicides to plain old accidents. Its suppose to be a happy time, but for many people the stress of expectations is just too much and it tips them.
The ER crews are always the ones that get it tough on holidays. (along with the cops and the paramedics)

Originally Posted by bsg1fan1975
Lara its a long standing tradition for the presidents of this country to pardon a turkey for as long as I can remember.
We saw it on an ep of West Wing, too, but noone can remember being told the reason for it. Its not like the turkey gets an exception/ is freed from being killed and eaten, but a pardon, which sounds like the original turkeys committed a crime!!

Had a blast yesterday. I had my parents, baby brother and a friend of his here for dinner. On top of this, we had about 4 inches of snow here yesterday.
Sounds like a great day! Snow is something to contemplate when it was 35 deg C (around 95deg F I think) here yesterday!


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