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Default Colonial Fleets Techical Manual

I hope this will grab some attention for this project.

My plan is to start this in the next week or so but I am looking for some help in some areas.

Some of you many have seen the latest thread start by Apolloisall. who asked the time honoured question "how big is the Galactica". link below.

This got me thinking and using Folkrms excellent Galactica model, I worked out to my satisfaction that the Galactica is around 6080 ft long as implied by Glen Larson (Producer) and John Dykstra (VFX supervisor).

(Please donīt discuss that in this thread)

So I always wanted to do or make a Technical Manual for the Galactica.

some of the member are already helping in this but I would like more to speed up the process.

I am looking for a few things, some I have already mentioned else where but I will repeat here.

I would like to have the best models I can for this. some have been offered but I well mentioned them here again.

In CGI Formats OBJ or Lightwave (this is all I can use)
1. Battlestar Galactica (Folkrm)
2. Colonial Viper
3. Colonial Shuttle
4. Colonial Laser Pistol
5. Colonial Personal Equipment
6. Colonial LandRam (have)

1. Cylon basestar (Raffs)
2. Cylon Raider
3. Cylon Tanker

I would like to have someone who has these things in Poser or Daz or even better Lightwave to knock some Character out. (I tried a conversion from Poser and it was crap)

These will be scaled also standing along side Viper and Raider
to help to see what scale things are or could be.
Colonial Warrior (Male)
Colonial Warrior (Female)

Colonial Warrior Bridge Officer (Male) (or the blue uniform)
Colonial Warrior Bridge Officer (Female)

Daggit in CGI (if possible)

Imperious Leader
Cylon Warriors.

Eastern Alliance Destroyer. (I am going to try an build that in lightwave)

Other areas will be the Planetary System of the Colonials and Cylons. how they are structured but that will follow the Tech Manual.

We can use CGI programs for that.

much work has already been done over the years. but with building things and other aspects of it will take a lot of time
for me to do this alone.

So if you can help in area above or other I have not mentioned post it hear.

The Object is also to fix if possible any errors or omissions that we have at other times discussed. I donīt want to bash the out there and now.

the final product will be made available here in PDF formant.
so if you can help say so here even if you said so before.

my hope is that later we can make a fan film, which I have already discussed with Martok my idea.
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