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Default Re: Clean joke of the day.

Q: What kind of shark is always gambling?

Q: What is the average sharks favorite movie?
A: The Shaw-Shark Redemption.

Q: What is a sharks favorite sci-fi show?
A: Shark Trek.

Q: Why do sharks wear shoes?

Q: Why do sharks live in the ocean and not the sky?
A: The sky is Jet territory.

Did you hear about the aquarium owner? His shark was worse than his pike.

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
A shark.
A shark who?
A shark who just ate your family, and now he's going to eat you!

Q: WHat doe a shark like to watch on tv?
A: Anything but Flipper!!!!!

Q: What is a sharks favorite bible story?
A: Noah's SHARK.

Q: What was the shark's favorite James Joyce novel?
A: FINnegan's wake.

Q: Why did the shark throw his clock out the window?
A: He wanted to see time fly!

Q: Why did the shark cross the great barrier reef?
A: To get to the other TIDE.

Q: What is a shark's favorite Dustin Hoffman Film?
A: Midnight Caudal.

Q: Who is the shark community's favorite 1950s film actress?
A: Dorsal Day.

Q: Who is the shark community's favorite 1950s film actor?
A: Shark Hudson.

Q: What was the shark world's equivalent of Tom Delay's nickname?
A: The Hammerhead.

Q: Why did the shark commit suicide?
A: He was tired of swimming in circles.
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