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Default Dirk and the mini

Originally posted by CrysWimmer
Weren't both Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch asked to star in the mini? I think I remember hearing something about it, and that they declined - something about wanting to stay true to the original story.

Yes you're right. And dispite Dirk appearing in the Lowdown, he's glad he didn't appear in the mini.

From the Sun Online
Why do you think that a series that only aired for one season is still as popular today? What did you think of the recent Battlestar Galactica remake?

A number of reasons. One, it was a family show so children who watched it with their parents are now in their 30s and the show reminds them of their family. Or if they did not have parents, the show became a very dear friend.

Two, the production values were extremely high and still hold up so it has not aged in that regard. Three, it was very well cast. Every actor had the right personality for the role they played.

I think the remake is a completely different show. One, it is not family, two, it is not a show of optimism as was the original but rather pessimistic.

And three, I don't think some of the actors were the right people for the part. It really had nothing to do with the original show. It's as different from that as Edward Olmos is from Loren Greene.

Thank God I wasn't in it!,,7-2004020020,00.html
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