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Originally Posted by Warrior
Never let someone else, pro or am, squash your dreams... *especially* if that someone else is in the same "field" of work or hobby.
I've been following my dreams since a child. And alot of them gets no where, but alot more than I have expected have come true. Because of hard work at it, and a real caution to the wind attitude.
Thanks for all of your thoughtful advice Brian. And thank you Warrior, for that sincere and bold statement. And all the rest that have helped Terri get over this B.S. that some (PRO) in the business, had no business doing.
The place that I come from, defines a (PRO) as one who makes money doing whatever that is. People used to ask me alot "What is a (professional) artist? My response is always "I make money and get paid for what I do. I provide a service." This Lucifer Max- whatever?? Does not behave as such, and is totally non-caring, non-thoughtful, and just rude when viewing others works. If he did'nt like what he had seen, he should have been thoughtful enough not to even take the time to reply, and purposefully and rudely send that comment, but just pass on it, and go on. He wanted to be rude, and he wanted to upset someone and appear surperior in his skills.
He was rude to a lady that I love very much. I hope we never meet.
But he may be a GREAT modeler, but as a human, from what I have seen so far....he sucks!
But thank you all for your kind words, and we do continue, and will get better and better.
Thank-You ALL here at the Fleets.
Michael (BlueSquad2001)
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