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Default New Worthwhile Cons Featuring Classic BG Actors?

Seems as though local conventions have dried up in my area (Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex) other than the (too) huge Sci-Fi Cons that happen 2-3 times a year held now at the Dallas Convention Center, where admission is $40 (!) for adults. On a side note, I have been pretty much priced out of going to conventions anymore, as it costs over $80 just for me and my son to walk in the door, not including any autographs or memorabilia we might want to purchase.

It's been a long time since Herb Jefferson and others have come to Dallas. And this is an area in which we used to have, on a regular basis, Anne Lockhart, Richard Hatch, Herb Jefferson, Dirk Benedict, and Jack Stauffer make appearances within the last 10 years or so....
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