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Default Re: History of BSG- Dirk B. on Reimagined BSG

Been watching Space Above and Beyond lately, and in that show we have a lot of the elements that the re-imagined BSG offered:

-People in Earth looking clothing.
-People firing bullets when they had jump technology
-A race that was hunting humans, created by humans. (The Silicates)
-An enemy that could assume the shape of humans.
-A continuing story of understanding the enemy.

And the list goes on. Absolutely LOVING this show since they are from Earth, and it is set in 2063. They would look like people from Earth for that reason, and would still be using bullets. All that is plausible.

I'm going to bring up another point, Blood and Chrome. Not a retelling of a existing story, and in this we had action, we were basically spared civilian clothing as it was a military mission. Absolutely loved it. Blood and Chrome has shown to to a lot of people what the reimagined series should have been.

Could the reimagined Galactica been something that could have stood on its own without having to use the name of a franchise, and at that, half heartedly? Sure they could have.

It really comes down to this: Sci-fi fans that care about the details and care about the story environment presented find the reimagined Galactica to be just a lazy man's attempt to put a drama in space.

"Hey we have a great drama here, who cares about the details, or how suits and ties made it into a civilization that happened 100K years before our current time."

And those that like drama, not caring the details, love the reimagined Galactica. But the more and more I'm listening to those that like the reimagined Galactica the more I am hearing people that like drama over science fiction.

Playing devil's advocate to my own words a minute, technically those that liked the classic Galactica were more the crowds that liked Westerns. (Cattlecar Galactica).

Western inspired or drama inspired, the details didn't need to suffer. You say they are a race of people looking FOR Earth and have never been to Earth before, don't have them look like they are from current day Earth with, aside from space vehicles, have technology that could also be current Earth technology.

Simply lazy.
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