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Default Re: History of BSG- Dirk B. on Reimagined BSG

A lot of the folks in there that liked the new series had the same reactions and responses I would typically get from people I speak to down here in New Orleans. The nostalgia just isn't there for them. They remember the show as kids, probably even enjoyed them as kids. But the world has moved on, and so have they. Now they look back at the original series and see a guilty pleasure at best, in favor of the much more serious tone of the new series. A band mate of mine just started watching the new series, and remembers the original, with exactly the kind of sentiment I cited above. Lots of folks at conventions and at comic book stores and other places that are conducive to discussions of sci-fi/space fantasy shows had similar sentiments. It's not that they hate(d) the original series...but they just can't look back on it as fondly as they do now, in light of the new show. I personally don't think there's anything to demonize in those feelings.

In my book, both shows are products of their times. For me, both are escapist. If I wanna go back to recall a simpler time in my life, I'll watch the original series. If I want something a little more relevant to my here and now, I'll watch the new series.

I don't say this disparagingly, but truth is truth.
Classic Battlestar Galactica is space fantasy, like Star Wars. (science fiction is not always about action/adventure/futuristic combat). Things just happen to work the way they work, no questions asked.

New Battlestar Galactica is definitely more science fiction and drama with some space fantasy (yeah, they still use sound effects in space...but then, so did Star Trek in all its incarnations) thrown in.

Just my views....take with a grain of salt, or take the whole darned shaker.
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