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Since no one guessed the answer to my question, I have added a spolier.

Originally Posted by Damocles
Answer this one; It's a simple physics problem.
Originally Posted by Damocles
You stand before 3 lightswitches. One of these switches is able to turn on/off a lightbulb in a room nearby. You can't see in the room but you know the light was turned off all day. You have to find which switch is connected to the lightbulb. In order to find the switch that is connected to the lightbulb, you can do only the following:
Step 1: Use zero or more switches as much as you want.
Step 2: Go to the other room.
Step 3: Tell which switch is connected to the bulb by doing something in the room (=not going outside).
The physics is a matter of heat/light.

If you flip the first switch, wait a couple of minutes, then flip the switch off, then flip the second switch on and enter the room, you will find one of three things.
1. The light is warm, which means the light is connected to the first switch.
2. The light is burning, which means the light is connected to the second switch.
3. The light is cold, which means that the light is connected to the third switch.

Answer this riddle.

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