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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
It's a convoluted crossover tale of both BSG entities, real and GINO. It's focused on our Pegasus with the real Cain. Iblis is in there too, but I really can't summarize the whole plot. Suffice to say the final issue ends with among other things Sheba shot dead and dying in her father's arms and a grief stricken Cain blowing up his ship.

These people at Dynamite have just never gotten it. They're as dumb as they were 12 years ago when they did their first Galactica comic and while I'm sure there's been an occasional good story from them (the one that retold Baltar's story that ingeniously reconciled the original concept of him being beheaded and surviving was the best), their overall track record has been bad for the property on all levels IMO.
Exactly. Which is why it should always be in the hands of the fans.
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