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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

After ordering the BG Classic Annual from the local comic specialty store, it arrived and I picked it up. Anyway, my comments on the Annual (which keep in mind I have this bias concerning Baltar.)


For the artwork, it was well done but kind of clunky in spots. I preferred Chris Scalf's which captured the visual design of the series even if he couldn't use actor likenesses. I guess the biggest thing I missed is that the artist (Kewber Baal) was clearly using John Colicos's likenesses but didn't capture that demented look in the actor's eyes or the whacked out smile. (I loved those scenes in the series. When Colicos got into scenery chewing mode, no set was safe...)

For the story (by Robert Place Napton), to me there was a place where it dragged during the early flashback section which then picked up when it started to tie in with the actual series. (My reaction may have been influenced by a fanfic in which Baltar was from Scorpia and the motivations for his later betrayal of the Colonies weren't dealt with in such a summary manner and even acquired the grandeur of a Shakespearean tragedy.)

I was left with the questions of "Okay, why was his father such a jerk?" and "Why didn't sensors on the Galactica go off?"


Was that menage a trois a deliberate reference to Gaius's menage a trois?

Really, Dynamite guys, I watch Futurama. I ended up making Head-In-A-Jar jokes.

Overall, I'd give it a B+. It had merit, some clever tie-ins with the series, and good artwork.
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