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Star Trek Re: History of BSG- Dirk B. on Reimagined BSG

Originally Posted by Dawg View Post
And the bow tie is an affectation since the Doctor has more or less adopted Earth.

Parallel development is something Star Trek did 3 times. In broadcast order:

Miri, The Omega Glory, Bread and Circuses (the episode you refer to),

But I agree - when you are designing for a show where they've never even seen Earth, where any common background ended several thousand years before, getting your costumes off the rack from JCPenney kind of ruins the effect.

I am
I'm glad to see other folks agree on the JC Penny's point.

As for Star Trek, the parallel development was interesting. Much later the "Founders" would be introduced and said to have distributed the beginning DNA of the Humans, Klingons, Romulans, and all other humanoid races throughout the galaxy. When I saw this brought up I wondered if perhaps the "Founders" started several proto Earths to see how each would evolve under different conditions? The funny thing about Star Trek up to the most recent movie is that they didn't consider continuity so much, and yet still work it all into the continuity later... somehow. :P Star Trek always seemed to say to me "Don't worry, this will all hit reset and be back to normal eventually." Being episodic it could do that.

Why did I not question it? I guess because it was not a regular part of the show. Who did we see all the time? Kirk, Spock, McCoy on a ship of people, most from Earth, in the year 2265. They went all kinds of crazy places, and yes some were parallel development worlds, but strangely this was cool. Why? Because after some crazy adventure (where you would welcome seeing a Roman Empire Earth) you go back to a crew on a ship flying around in space in future attire, yet still from Earth a few from other alien worlds.

So at the root of all the adventures, you had a plausible (within itself) constant to work with.
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