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Default Re: Richard Hatch and DeSanto


Honesty and candor do not exist in hollywood. I was also sold a bill of goods concerning Galactica's resurrection. We were told think of Galactica 50 years into the future. Nothing of what we initially were told revolved around Moore's vision. We were asked for TOS models and i signed the NDA.

At the time you swallow your pride, like Richard, and you work. Having a paying gig was bitter sweet since your working on something you have loved only to discover it's been fully twisted into something completely foreign to you. To see your work in the very opening scene of a tv show is nothing short of spectacular. But for me it didn't last long.

Hollywood to this day still can't get out of there own way. It want's to "tell us" what we should like and not like. Even when they keep failing they still keep pushing there own agenda's.

Like i said i only met Richard once and came away with serious distrust. I began doing somethings for his Great War of Megellan concept but grew tired of his constant changing mentality. Like i said it was never good enough. At the time i was not the greatest of artists but when you working for free with hopes of something bigger it's hard to keep artistic focus. The project never materialized. In the end it was never about making something great but it was Richard trying to reinvent himself and was in it for the cash. As he should be.
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