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Originally Posted by Viper 04
gee......I guess your all speechless, don't care for 'real' models or don't like new folks coming aboard?
Oh contraire Viper 04. I do care for 'real' models. Love your lighted Galactica. I have the same kit and did some modifications to the "Big G" myself (opened up the center pylon, closed the front of the L/bays and "shrunk" the size of the indent on the sides of the forward hull). No lights on mine though.
Viper canopy looks great. Do you plan on making the interior of the cockpit? Keep up the good work. Please keep us apprised on your progress.
Not to boast or anything, but I MAY have built 2 of the smallest vipers ever assembled. One measures half an inch in length and is comprised of 4 pcs of plastic. The other is 5/16ths in length and is 3 assembled pieces. All are painted as close to accurate as possible given thier size. They were quite a pain in the neck to put together and paint. I would like to post pics of these sometime soon to show them to everyone at Fleets. Suppose it would be a good idea to take some pictures of them first though. May need some assistence when the time comes for that.
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