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Default 1/32 scale Monogram Viper project

Here is what I have done on my 1/32 Viper so far.

As you may know Monogram did a very good job on the general details on the model kit back in 1980 but there are a few areas that need I started with making the canopy out of clear styrene ( actully I used a new CD jew case ) and it worked out just fine, then I will build the frame around the clear parts.

I cut out the door openings for the landing gear and sanded off the raised details and hand scribed all the recessed panel lines and will make replacements for the other details.

I also wanted the exposed engine areas to have a more 3-D look so I cut out the engines and found some styrene tube that was the perfect size....then I will add the greebalies and what nots to those.
Any input or suggestions would be cool!
Thanks and enjoy!

Here are the pics:
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