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Default A white colonial warrior suit...

Now you have to understand, I have loved the colonial warrior look for a LONG time. I mean I loved it when I saw it at age 10, and now at 41 I still love it. And now I have placed an order for my own uniform set. Strangely a dream come true. I consider the colonial warrior outfit to be a tuxido of the sci-fi fandom.

I asked my wife in fun "When I die, I am torn. Should I be buried like a knight in plate maile (from my 20 years of LARPing), or as a Colonial Warrior?" (from my 30 years of being a Galactica fan).

She said "I have to be honest, I am burying you in the suit you are in (which I looked sharp in, on my way to a funeral at the time) and selling the rest of your stuff."

And have to admit, my Colonial Warrior get-up would bring in some good money after I'm gone so can't hate her for that. :P

But then we got to joking....

... what if you had a WHITE colonial warrior outfit made. All white, like in the show when they would get abducted by the angelic people.

Now being a Christian myself, and believing that you wake up again one day when Christ returns... WOULDN'T THAT BE THE ULTIMATE COSPLAY?

Get buried in a white colonial uniform, and when you get "woke up" and in the presence of God, standing amongst angels and what not, you get to relive a scene from Battlestar Galactica.

I mean seeing God and angels would be cool, but it be even more cool to be thinking at the same time "Ok, what would Apollo do?" :P
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