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Default Re: Blackstar Squadron: Battlestar Galactica costuming group.

Oh the buttersuede is definitely too light as is. The originals were HEAVILY interfaced. They also and they had the lining added on top of that then the piping. The originals are heavier than any replica I've ever seen. The jackets are almost as heavy as a motorcycle jacket. I was really surprised.

Hancock also carries "stretch" suede which is way off. The main thing with the ultrasuede is the pile and feel. The buttersuede has the right look to it, the right feel (very slightly course to the tough, but still "suedeish") and is pretty darn close to the real thing which was a suede cloth.

I agree though, ultrasuede would be cool. Might be easier to find the correct color as you said. Though I still haven't found it!

I'm actually more concerned with the color and the weight than the exact match of fabric. In the end I suppose it is personal preference.

Are you planning to make a uniform our of ultrasuede Bryan?

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