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Thumbs up BSG Game worth EVERY penny!

I'm not going to specifically review the game itself but explain some aspects of why this game lives and breaths Battlestar Galactica. From the opening cut scene to the end you cannot stop playing this game. If your interested in flying a Colonial Viper against the Cylons then your set but it should not be the main reason you buy a playstation 2 and the game, the feel of this game is truely Battlestar.

I played the game folks and i could not stop until the end. It wasn't the game play that excited me the most it was seeing the next cut scene movie that drove me to play this game. EdenFX did the movie cut scenes in the game and they knocked it out of the park. The Battlestars themselves are the closest cgi Battlestars next to the Foundation imaging Battlestar that i've seen. The Foundation ship is still the very best but the ship and the way the folks at EdenFX lit, it in the game, are damn close. The Basestars are another story, not very accurate but it doesn't matter. In this game you get it all, Battlestars and Basestars, Raiders and Vipers(mini viper). You get Cylons (different version but cool) and new versions of Cylon fighters. But again that's not the true issue here, the feel of being in the Galactica universe once again is there. Bar none the mini, in my estimation, would not hold up against what the game people have done here. If you were to play the game cutscenes next to the visual aspects of the mini at the same time, December 8th, you would turn off the mini. That's how good of a feel you get from seeing this game. I cannot tell you how actually moved i was to see not only the visual aspects but to *hear* those perticular sound effects and the original music score.

Go get the game folks, buy a playstation 2 even just to see how it could have been. Don't be discouraged by the few mini aspects you see in the game, just loose yourself once again.

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