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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

The best I could say is "eh", which is the highest rating I could ever give to anything Dynamite has done. This one didn't drive me to white-hot anger like their first idiotic effort in 2006 did (setting a five issue story in the middle of Saga that simply doesn't fit at all with the dynamics of the characters) or that repulsive crossover story with the other entity. But it keeps leaving me unsatisfied because in this format of nothing but the perpetual short miniseries, never once is there any attention paid to developing the characters or exploring the character relationships as we saw them develop in the stories. All I end up seeing are characters presented in their one-note cliche templates thrust in a wall-to-wall action story where inevitably I'm going to see and learn more about the aliens (as was the case in this story) than I am about the regulars of Galactica. I'm not knocking action, because goodness knows comic books as a visual medium thrive on it, but it's always struck me that the Dynamite mindset when it comes to Galactica has been to treat it as kiddie-fare only. So that means we'll get nothing but action and battles from start to finish and cool drawings of vipers......and nothing in the way of introspection and development in character relationships like Adama and his children, or Apollo-Boxey, or Apollo-Sheba or Starbuck-Cassiopeia. And that to me does not represent tapping into the meaning of what makes Galactica special.

I have never understood why those who get tasked with writing Galactica stories professionally, whether for novels or comics, just never get it when it comes to the essence of what makes Galactica more than just a great sci-fi action series. But then again, I suspect they're largely influenced by the propaganda that was parroted endlessly 15 years ago and really think this is what the fans of Galactica want. And no matter how much we try to point out otherwise, they just don't listen.

I have enough of an open mind to keep an eye on what comes, but honestly no one has gotten Galactica "right" in terms of an official project since Realm Press (and Max Press had started out promising before they fell apart). I wouldn't rate anything that's been done by Dynamite as superior to the good fanfic we've had over the last 25 years from a multitude of authors and which I'm happy to say is still continuing. (though I will make perhaps one exception for the Baltar story in the 2014 annual which *did* get things right in a one issue bit of introspection).
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