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Default Re: Remastered BattleStar Galatica?

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
In a word, yes. For the same reason that fifteen years from now the 1933 King Kong will still be regarded better than the flash in the pan that was Jackson's.

That is my definition of "common sense." To paraphrase Adama in LL, it may not be others, but it is, as others have at least acknowledged an equally valid perspective relative to this issue.

I agree that the original King Kong will be still regarded better than Jackson .. Originals usually are. and the original BSG is still regard the same way over it recent remake (we wonīt go there )

As many think that Sean Conneryīs Bond is still the best over any other bonds that followed ... yet each younger generation will possibly argue for Roger Moore . Timothy Dalton etc etc

your always going to get that .

one of the points we have made is that ( We Feel ) at the current condition of the visual Effects (Space Craft etc) is not holding up well after 30 plus years and while the life action is solid and wonderful.

the visuals are letting it down ..... for example

one of the master shots of the Galactica you can see the support of the Galactica Model as its moving across the screen...

now this blows the whole impact of the effect and I am no longer looking at a mighty space ship in Space .... I am looking at a 79 inch plastic and wooden model in a studio some where in the Hollywood hills.

I have added a screen capture from my DVD set to illustrate..

thatīs one if the shot that could stand a change and a remastering ....

Lucas saw the same thing in Star Wars Trilogy and changed it and cleaned it up for future sales and to ensure the quality was up to that future viewership.

BSG will remain a classic all right, and it will possibly be in the same group as The forbidden Planet ...... I would have it remain where it should be .. as in the same classic group as Star Wars and Star Trek ....

there are many fan forums about the above but I have not seen many for FP

if its believed that keeping BSG as it is will attracted new fans as Star Wars Star Trek do...... its a short sighted view that will ultimately push BSG into the Group as the original King Kong and Forbidden Planet George Pals films.

people that sentimentally watch these old sci-fi keep them around and they should not be touched as they donīt need them .. its not necessary as they are perfect as they are

relevant to the effects of the time.

BSG is not effects wise holding up well .. its too grainy, lots of noise on the screen.

thatīs the honest truth..... and if were all honest when we view it we should see that to keep it fresh and insure its future .. it needs to be remastered cleaned up and presented afresh ...

Effect can be shot the same angles and intent . I donīt care but I will never buy another DVD SET with the effects as they are .. if I lost my valued BSG set I would still not go out and by the set again because of that disappointment that I feel when I see how poorly they are holding up when I bought it a few years ago. the stories are still as wonderful as when I first saw it.

Lucas saw it and corrected it .. insuring Star Wars trilogy a place for a long time to come .......

Battlestar Galactica deserves no less a treatment IMO

.. again its only my view ... I respect all here and their views..

thanks for reading
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