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Default Re: Remastered BattleStar Galatica?

Originally Posted by KJ View Post
Thats your perspective, not the reality though, its more or or less saying you've got an opinion and are entitled to it, but i've got the facts.
I believe there are facts to support my perspective too because this comes down to a subjective question on whether altering with a work is a good thing or not. I happen to believe it is not, and I cited a number of examples to note how this standard that is being called on for Galactica would never in a million years be applied elsewhere, and while you may not agree with that, it is a legitimate perspective rooted in a factual context.

*****And just cos you started or co-opted an idea for a thread secton doesn't in anyway whatsoever mean you *police* the Battlestar Galactica fanbase opinions on things*******

I never said I did. That is the attitude you assumed unto yourself yesterday with your out of line hit job on me in which you declared that this issue is to be discussed only among advocates on one side of it. There was nothing out of line in how I was doing the back and forth with Taranis and I had in fact chosen after his last comment to move on, only to come back to it long afterwards when I saw your little hit job from out of left field which was all too reminscent of what made 2005 an unpleasant year in Galactica discussion circles. And don't try to suggest I was including Taranis in that, those remarks were directed solely at your one post.

****And a "legitimate POV" regardless shouldn't be bullied upon anybody.***

And once again, I say, physician heal thyself. You chose to act like a bully toward me because I was having an ongoing conversation on the issue.

*****Your basically insulting Matador by deliberately arguing something you know outright your against, i.e. stirring up arguing rather aggressively without due cause.******

I haven't even addressed Matador once so that is another lie on your part. I simply chose to register my view that advocating redone FX for Galactica is harmful to the integrity of the work of the original, and as one whose primary field of expertise is historical preservation it carries with it the dangerous risk that the original works get lost forever in the process which is what's happening with the SW trilogy, plus that there are questionable artistic reasons behind the concept when the standard is not applied consistently.

****And come bet if you didn't post an opinion and they did, while disagreeing with them, the tone wouldn't feel so destructive. ***

You are the one who introduced a destructive tone into this thread, so I suggest you quit your little game of projecting your own behavior onto myself.
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