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Default Re: Remastered BattleStar Galatica?

I agree with the fact that some aspects of the Star Wars reworked where best left alone and should have been left alone....what I think they should have been is neither here or there in this discussion.

I think I said that the movie or pilot Episode of BSG should be reworked and given a updated effects to fix the short comings of the effect that are present..

CGI or Physical Models . (I donīt care as long as it done right) keeping the intention and the spirit intact should be the aim esp for the first one..

but there are things that would be done to enhance the viewing experience
for BSG.

something I would like to see address that has always held my interest and giving me cause for speculation. I not going to mention them as there is no point at present.

The following series need new effects as I and others have posted that the repeat use of the Pilot Episode / Movie is irksome. (mind you when the did add a new effect it was great)

I would use CGI as it the easiest to film and control..

I not trying to change anyone mindīs here Ericīs or other wise. I respect Ericīs POV I think it wrong as much as he think mine is wrong ..... that OK

but apart from a fan effort a remastering is not going to happen soon if you expect it from a studio. thatīs a given.

DK (David) work is a stunning approach and he should be applauded.

bottom line for me is the original Effect are hurting the viewing experience for the show.
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