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Default Re: Remastered BattleStar Galatica?

*****Mr Paddon quit the procrastination seriously, take a look at the thread since you've posted? If you disagree with everybody on Matador thread fair enough. But this isn't leading anywhere, when you drag this out about how you don't agree on a topic most of us are interested in. We're trying to take this beyond mere debating and into something worthwhile if the Galactica fanbase moved in this direction or if fans support it enough to make a official campaign. Its one thing to disagee its another to to drag down somebody else's thread harpng on about how you don't like it nor see the point etc etc. Thats been said enough times. I saw you and Taranis having having a few barbs this morning from my clock, then early this afternoon i could've said one thing in a reply or so but figured i've said enough so far and let everybody else talk it out, and went out cos i had things doing in town today******

I think what I expressed is a legitimate POV, and I was having it in the course of a civil discussion. OTOH, this comes off to me as an outright personal attack and a demand that the discussion be a one-way street on the topic which conjures for me some unpleasant memories of about five years ago when I discovered that certain individuals had developed the attitude that saying one harsh word about a certain reimagined TV show was "hurtful to their psyche" and that only positive things could ever be said about it. For something like this, where like it or not, there *is* a legitimate argument from the other side rooted in issues of preservation (because it is a fact that the original version of Star Wars, which is the one that *became* a phenomenon may end up lost to us forever because the care of remastering the negative of the original version won't be given us given Lucas's preference for SE editions that force the viewer to accept SW as a sequel to the prequel films rather than a product of its time) is something I think needs to be part of the discussion, along with the issue of whether or not this sudden modern-day obsession with redoing FX sequences has the ability to cheapen the areas of what constitutes the more important part of cinematic storytelling. So far, I have not heard an answer from the other side on this point, and have only heard it said that we can adopt selective standards on what kinds of film and TV should fall victim to this kind of "reimagining" and which ones (that arguably could use it more if one is concerned about realism in FX like "Forbidden Planet") which to me isn't much of an answer I can understand.

*****For real, for Matty and everybody else's sake no drawn out arguing please. No "ego" crap in this thread. *****

I think in light of your remarks aimed at me, that sentiment rings a bit hollow from my perspective. But I will agree on one thing, this topic does not belong in a section in which the purpose was to generate discussion on suggested ways of improving or fixing the original episode *stories* if we were ever given the chance to make new scripts for some theoretical new project using the old stories. As the one who suggested the creation of the "New Twists" section for that purpose, I think seeing that side of discussion on the creative side subordinated to the one about FX making is something I don't have much reason to be in favor of, but until today I never felt I had reason to say that publicly. Being told that there should only be one side of a discussion in this thread has at least given me a reason to say otherwise now.
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