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Hey thanks, I'll try and answer your questions.

The chaper 4 battle, it was actually a previous 'final battle attack' by the Cylons on the colonies. Because it failed the Cylons started thinking of another way to attack the colonies. It set up the events which ended up in what you see in 'Saga of a Star World' by the betrayal of humankind by Baltar.

In reality though the chapter was more for the loss of Martin, who is spoken of in "The Lost Warrior" and to explain 'Red Eye'. I never quite understood how a Colonial warrior and a Cylon ended up so far away from the Colonies and this was my way to explain it. Hope that helps.

I had four general 'chapters' for Battlestar Argo.
1. The Voyage to Earth
2. Contact with Earth
3. War with the Arbus
4. Uniting with the Galactica and the RTF.

I might add another chapter later on once I start writing in the 4th chapter. I'm currently posting in the early part of chapter 3 and writing in the latter part of chapter 3.
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