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In level one, just keep on blasting Cylons until you hear Commander Magus inform you that there are a group of advanced Raiders making a run for the Galactica. When that happens, use your Triangle button which is your Primary Target button. This will highlight the primary targets with white circles around them, and they will be flying in a group. They will be approaching the bow of the Galactica (forward). Lock on with your missiles on that group by holding down the missile button. When you have a full lock, release the button to let your missiles go, and you should be able to take a few down. Lather, rinse, repeat. Once you've eliminated the special fighters, you will advance to part two of the mission.

Some things to remember:

When looking at your HUD, you will notice a few elements. In the middle of the HUD you will see a fairly large rectangular section. This is your "effective targetting area". When you are locking onto a target with missiles, make sure you get as many targets as you can within the rectangle, and hold down the missile lock button until you get a lock. If you have a single target that requires two missiles (or more) to take down, like an Advanced or Raider Leader, or a Marauder, or larger targets, make sure you get multiple locks on that target. Also, in this rectangle, this is your targetting range for your lasers.

When you are trying to shoot down a Raider with your lasers, you will notice that there is a greenish blue circle in front of the Raider (or within the red circle if you are directly in front of or behind the Raider.) That circle is what you want to target because it is the lead reticule for the target itself. As long as you keep the lead reticule in the rectangle, your lasers will track and hit the lead.

I need to bring up a display to show everyone the optimal kill situations.

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