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Thumbs up NEWS: Colonial Newsletter - 02/04/2003


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January 8, 2003

Update on Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer

Michael Faries of reported on the possibility of seeing Richard Hatch's 'Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming' trailer released to the Internet: "Since 1999, I've heard weekly, sometimes daily queries from fans and curiosity seekers (all of whom aren't rewriting, but are asking for the first time) if the trailer could PLEASE be released. I'm ready to go. You wouldn't believe the legwork that was done, but I'm ready. We'd need additional servers to help carry the strain. I imagine P2P (peer to peer) networks could offload some of it and other webmasters would step up to help out. But it's ultimately Richard's call. And a source of lost sleep for me. Here's what I'd ask: Write a letter to Richard. Sign Ojai's petition for the release of the trailer. Post it here or send to, or I'll give every one to Richard. Again. He has his reasons, as frustrating as this sounds. The logic dictates that the trailer should be released. He's holding back -- and his arguments carry water. At minimum, he can readdress this publicly with fandom again. The trailer truly is amazing. I WISH it could be seen by the masses. It has to be Richard's call." Thanks to Michael Faries for posting the update at Colonial Fleets. To sign the Battlestar Galactica Richard Hatch Petition, be sure to visit the following link.

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January 6, 2003

Michael Faries reports on the upcoming Battlestar Galactica DVD Collection

New report from Michael Faries of regarding the upcoming Battlestar Galactica DVD Collection... "The Battlestar Galactica DVD sets for regions 1, 2 and 4 are essentially done, sans extra marketing additions. By that, the packaging design work and the glass masters are almost ready, but there's a catch... The current remake production. As before, when the region 4 sets were "delayed" in July 2002, the sets are being delayed for numerous reasons, including the addition of promos for the "new" mini-series. - Various folks know that if the original series is released now, then strong sales would draw attention to support for the original series... and to the fans and their cries for a continuation. This isn't postulation; this has been talked about. - They also see the DVDs as a marketing tool for the remake series. You'd see promos for the remake included on the original series sets. (What a slap in the face to fans of the original series, eh?) - Universal has a less aggressive release schedule for it's television archives-to-DVD than other corporations, like Viacom/Paramount and Fox. A delay from March 2003 (which had been discussed) to August 2003 wouldn't be a hindrance to them. - Universal U.S. has assumed a stronger position in the release of DVDs. It derailed the region 4 release, despite the legwork done by Universal Australia. - Richard Hatch's "The Second Coming" trailer isn't included. Preliminary talks with Richard were started early last year, but didn't get past initial talks. (I say that from first-hand accounts.) No formal proposal was delivered. No further steps were taken. I do want to praise Universal Australia for having the heart to reach out and try to make the BG set one of the best Universal television-to-DVD releases. I don't know the official details why Universal Australia had the project pulled -- and why Universal U.S. took over completely. - It's possible, not probable, that someone I know may see the DVD set before it's released. And if so, I'll find out what's on it. Universal U.S. was chartered to work on the extras, even when Universal Australia was still on track for the region 4 release. I know that Universal didn't budget much for the extras. Essentially, if some Uni folks took their own times to gather numerous additions for the set (and the additions were approved), then fans might be happy. Right now, it doesn't appear that Uni went gung-ho over the numerous leads/information which I (and a few others) provided to them. For example, I REALLY wanted to see lost footage restored, even if it wasn't cleaned up... I have heard that the restored, remastered regular television footage went through two rounds of cleaning and is fantastic. (I don't know if SCI-FI U.S. will bother to use any of the clean copy for their February 2003 BG marathon. I doubt it.) Also, no additional, special interviews were done. (And various cast members were all-too-happy to participate, btw.) No voice-over audio tracks were recorded either, from what I hear."


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January 6, 2003 updates the Intergalactic Calendar - Battlestar Galactica Cast Birthdays updates the Intergalactic Calendar - Battlestar Galactica Cast Birthdays to include In Remembrance for Battlestar Galactica cast members that have passed on. The In Remembrance dates are in addition to the Happy Birthday dates for Battlestar Galactica cast members. Although there are no current birthdays for January, there are three In Remembrance dates: In Remembrance of Ray Milland "Sire Uri" Date of Birth: 1/3/1907; In Remembrance of Ray Bolger "Hector" Date of Birth: 1/10/1904; In Remembrance of Lloyd Bridges "Commander Cain" Date of Birth: 1/15/1913.


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