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Default Official Anne Lockhart website online!

Hi All,

Mike (mikedx) and I are proud to announce Anne Lockhart's official website. Anne owned her official link for years and itís even mentioned on several Galactica sites and IMDb, but she hadn't come around to putting a website on it. When we met Anne at Screenheroes last year, we pitched the idea to do her website. Mike sat next to his "first love" for two days as her PA and they chatted about her work and everyday life. We also "officially" interviewed her for 45 minutes (a transcript of that is included on the website, next to other interviews and articles in the "media" section).

Anne Lockhart - official site

Check out the work she did with some unique screenshots of older parts she played. The gallery also includes some private photos of Anne, like this one from December 2005 portraying Anne, her son Zane and daughter Carly, who all starred in the play "A Christmas Carol" (a story that has been played by familymembers for generations, since her mom, grandfather and grandmother were in the original 1938 movie version)

Be sure to let us and Anne know what you think and don't forget to register at the forum to say hi and leave your appreciation for Anne's work. She has a very busy schedule but promised to read your messages.
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