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Default Re: BG-11: The Man With Nine Lives

Fantastic post and I quite agree. Fred Astaire being the legend he was, his chemistry with Benedict. One scene that stands out in that regard is when they're on the shuttle going over to...Galactica or Rising Star. Also like, as you point out, the intra-fleet news. Reminds me of when I read that US carrier's have their own news station, at least it was true of the Enterprise.
Love that opening scene going to and on the Rising Star with Starbuck and his latest surefire win and poor old Apollo. "This is my conscience, Apollo."
Cool story about Hatch. Reminds me of when I met George Lazenby, though his comment was on the rarity of the picture I chose rather than the legend of someone like Fred Astaire
Never seem to get to meet these heroes of mine.

And yes on Buck Rogers though some of my favourite guests on the series Michael Ansara and Anne Lockhart (aside from Pamela Hensley, of course)
Galactica-era fan fic: Battlestar Pacifica #2 Saga of a Battlestar

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