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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

Originally Posted by Darrell Lawrence View Post
I disagree. I want them to make it, good or bad.

If it's bad, then once and for all maybe they'll let BSG rest in peace, and we won't have to deal with the headache of "Will they or won't they" anymore.

If it's good, then great. Maybe more good will follow.

But it needs to be put to rest one way or the other. No more teasing.
Careful for what you wish for. In some people's eyes this has already ran it's course with the 2003 mini and series. Although I would like to see an ending to this just exactly what direction Larson takes is critical. Again the announcement is a "reimagining". So your saying in essence you are admitting that you f'd up 3 times before and we are going to get it right this time? Sorry I don't buy it. In order to initiate closer Darrell there would have to be cannon history and in my eyes there has not been enough. How do you incorporate the TOS and NuBSG into a storyline that satisfies everyone? The only logical course is to do a prequel centered around the TOS. Then yet again how many "sequels" do you think they could possibly generate to finish the storyline? If this bombs it kills Galactica for good. Having first hand spoken for hours with Tom DeSanto and his vision and story arc it's a slam dunk. Put it on tv where it belongs and let Tom run with the vision he had. It was good and makes the most sense to feasibly create a history and an end.

I have kept this show alive in my own world since it disappeared off of the small screen so unless Larson blow's me away with a significant story I will choose to stay away.
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