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Default How come no one builds a Viper Duet?

Scarlet Vipers from the Galactica Armageddon novel. But no ones bothered to build Viper Duets from Cain's Battlestar Pegasus? Is this because of the Glen Larson getting rights to Living Legend's Battlestar Pegasus storyline issue? And the Pegasus not being involved in the BG:Second Coming Trailers.

Or the Viper Duets less popular than the Scarlet ones in the novels?


P.S. Azure Vipers were more advanced than the Starhounds of the series according to the Armageddon novel. Then they were replaced by the Scarlet models. But Starbuck prefered the classic starhound Vipers due to familarity of design (basically he loves the older models) what a guy!
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