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Originally Posted by Kingfish
Jason, I saw the Donner cut and liked the extra Marlon Brando footage, the film itself was also a change from the Lester version and the ending made more sense than Superman I where Superman saves Lois by making time move backwards. Superman using the ability to change current events helps this film[Superman 2] because all of the damage that was done by the super villains is undone at the end of the film.
I disagree.

Its like saying the film never happened at all. The 1977 script refers to the 3 villains taking over the world and trashing cities and armies a la War Of The Worlds style, but the Donner cut only played around with the Lester's East Houston footage at best and removed the defacing of Mount Rushmore with a poor man's Washington Monument destruction CGI scene. And Superman turning back time in Superman: The Movie was far more emotional than the lets turn time back cos Lois Lane knows my secret identity issue. Seeing Supes break his natural father's advice and laws layed down throughout the early part of the film by Jor-El and going with his adopted father's knowledge Pa Kent's instead (you're here for a reason) was far more creative cos he did it cos of the woman he loved from afar, not cos it was his 'ho-hum' duty to fix things willy nilly.

Nah the Lester's kiss worked better, people have come to hate it over time but it worked and the damage done to the world by the 3 villains probably was fixed over time by Superman at 'Super-Speed' anyhow. There must be some consequences left over even for a Superman. To just simply magically fix things a second time by turning the world back means Supes could easily 'copout' and come to rely on breaking his father rule all the time and turn the world back whenever people died in the hundreds by his supervillain foes.

Super-kiss ending was better. At least the bully at the diner wasn't beat up for nothing cos time was reversed and Clark whupped up on him regardless.

Although scene flow better for a majority of the time. the Donner cut suffers from bad editing and hawkish cuts cos of Donner's dislike of the Richard Lester scenes etc. The Donner version also toned down effects like 'heat vision' and certain louder effects from Lester version that sounded much better originally.

I'm kinda looking forward to seeing how fan edited cuts of Superman 2 will take the best of both versions and try to complete the story in their own minds. And i'm sure with enough effort and clever re-editing with the existing footage, that fans of the Superman movies can make the 3 supervillains "REALLY" takeover the Earth in a montage sequence of events by adding fancy CGI PC computer program effects of their own.

I like the Donner version don't get me wrong. But at least the Lester's super-kiss version ties into Superman Returns (regardless what people think of that movie personally). Warners really should've given Donner the budget to really add alot of effects necessary to make decent eye popping additional SFX effect for his brand new cut despite the problem of trying to match it up to the older optical special effects of the past, and some of the other Lester trims could've been added here to make things flow better storywise.

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