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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica / Planet of the Apes Crossover - Discussion Thread

Seriously though, I think it's become a case where there isn't a story to tell that could do justice to the concept plus there's the lack of a "What do I want to make happen?" incentive motive for a sequel that I had with the original. In the original there was this burning desire to "reimagine" the world of POTA as it could have been done after the first movie, and to use the world of Galactica as the vehicle for my coming up with a more upbeat future for the POTA universe than the original film series gave us. Now that I accomplished this goal after taking about two to three years to write the story, I'd have to not only come up with not just a new exciting motivation, but also a story that would have to be equally epic in scope, and that's at this stage of life too tall an order.

There's also one other plot development that took place in the original that also I think dampens the ability to do an effective sequel but I shan't reveal that for the benefit of those who still need to give the story a look.
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