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Default Skyfall and Red Dawn

So, Wednesday night, I decided to make it personal movie night out, and took in two films.....Skyfall, and the remake of Red Dawn.

Skyfall.....I not only think Bond is alive and well 50 years later, I think it is alive, well, reborn, bigger, badder, better, and if they can keep up the level of writing that was in this film.....we gots no worries!

The actors in this film....sublime! Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Dame Judi Dench....all of them....outstanding!

The emotion of this film....jarring! A real roller coaster ride! Hits all the right notes at all the right times!

The action....perfect!

Casino Royale was an excellent reboot, and I even enjoyed Quantum of Solace...but this film jams its thumb into the reset button with such force, I damn near forgot about everything before!

I was glad to find that in the theater, I wasn't the only one who could not contain myself at certain points in the action, or the narrative. It was a lot of fun to watch. This will definitely be on my blu-ray collection upon release!

To sum up Skyfall in..... four words and an acronym.... Best Bond EVAH!!! IMHO!

The Red Dawn remake.....for this viewer, blew away the original in almost all respects, save one.... I found I missed Basil Poleduris' theme. To have even heard a hint of it in this movie would've made me smile. But, that aside, this movie was awesome! When watching the original, again, I have to remind myself that it was a product of its to watch, but compared to this...cheesy.
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