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Russell -

As someone that recently signed up on Facebook due to a bit of pressure from family (so I could view pictures, etc.), I'm in agreement with you on this. I fail to see the necessity for a "social network" to keep in touch with those that you consider close to you to begin with. It doesn't seem very social to me. I don't want to insult those that enjoy it or use it, but it feels a tad lazy. I suppose it's great for someone who has a life that is so busy they can't be bothered to stay in contact with someone on an individual basis. No need for phone calls, emails, personal visits, or the traditional methods of staying in touch with family and friends. All you have to do is post a few pics, type a message every now and again and everyone that you include in your social "network" instantly can see or read it. It may sound like quite an innovation, but for a society that is addicted to cell phones, PCs, etc., it seems counter productive.

I also don't like the fact that the Facebook page I created gets littered with all kinds of messages, pictures, ads, etc. as part of the deal. In setting this thing up, I practically had to shut down nearly all of the features to get it to work anywhere near the way I would want it to - if I care to use it.

I'm a bit dubious as to the benefits of this particular web-based method of communication and I'm completely oblivious as to how anyone could become as addicted to it as I've seen other people get over it.

I'm glad to hear that you're still around. Come back to us in one piece!

that's more of less my thoughts on it
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